Charcoal is a broad media very suitable to tonal drawing and soft transitions.

I also draw with traditional dry media such as conte' crayon, pastel, wax crayon, grease pencil, graphite or pencil. 

​Drawn with Dip Pen and Gouache On Paper

​Ink, Pen & Ink, Ink Wash On Paper

Ink or any liquid paint can be drawn with a dip tool to create interesting varieties of textures and lines. Some of these tools include, dip pens, brushes, sticks, toothpicks, cotton swabs, cut plastic credit cards, matchsticks, etc.

Could You See Your House As Haunted?   Acrylic Ink Wash On Paper

Spooky! Imagine your house portrait on a dark and gritty night! Wash drawings with a little spatter can be entertaining. BOO!

Interiors Make Wonderful Subjects.​  Acrylic Ink & Dip Pen On Paper

This was drawn with a single

edge steel safety razor.

See the "Sharp"​ Lines!

Maybe you would like a drawing

of your house portrait. I offer creative drawings in a variety of traditional artist media. Take a look below to see some completed drawings to inspire your thoughts of having your own created.

drawings  .  originals

​Gallery 2

Ink  .  Wash  .  Pencil  .  Charcoal  . 

Wax Crayon  .  Mixed Media

Charcoal Or Charcoal & Ink On Paper

Black Wax Crayon & Ink Wash On Paper​

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